5 Unique Contents From Flavour’s “AWELE [THE EP]”

5 Unique Contents From Flavour’s “AWELE [THE EP]”

Nigerian talented super vocalist, performer and generally accepted Ijele Africa have on this EP proven himself to be the dynamic king of high-life in Africa. 

Just in case you’ve not downloaded or listened to this EXTENDED PLAY, here’s an opportunity for you to grab your own copy. DOWNLOAD HERE 

Flavour that came to limelight with his hit single N’abania featuring indigenous Igbo rapper Nigga Raw who now goes by the name Mr Raw because he’s no longer a nigga. Ever since the inception of that song, Flavour have been moving from height to heights with his uniqueness and his styled ability in bringing High-life songs to  contemporary and of course holding it big time on your Afro songs and what have you.

Flavour N’abania, who has metamorphosed to Ijele Africa, because he sojourned all around Africa and conquered, then came back with the title Ijele Africa.

Chinedu Okoli popularly known as Flavour has got lots of hit songs to his credit, ranging from boundary breaking records like, Ashawo, Pant no niro, Baby Oku, To Be A Man, Ada Ada and too many other hit tracks to his copyright.

The year 2018, have also been a very good year for Flavour, he has been on track. He has also bagged some brand endorsements and of cause graced shows/events that paid off. When he appeared with his single Awele featuring Umu Obiligbo, just hours later Flavour stormed his fans base with an electrifying EP, which he dubbed “AWELE THE EP”, which also doubles as the first track on the EP.

Awele came out purely high life tune with a processional rhythm cum melody, among all a danceable master piece that will really rock this Christmas season. Mehn! This work Awele will really break walls and shutdown parties; especially events like Marriages, House openings and Alumni get-together and can as well fit in other functions.


  1. RHYTHM: The first thing you will notice on the EP, especially “Awele and Odogwu”. The first track “Awele” is filled with rhythm, on the track 2 (Odogwu) where he showed his expertise as a section man he is. Oh I forgot to tell you that Flavour used to be a member of a LIVE BAND crew before his journey to stardom and fame.
  2. DYNAMISM: On this number, when you listen to AWELE THE EP, which houses four (4) tracks, you’ll notice that though the EXTENDED PLAY was all high life inclined, but it also enjoyed different flavors, i.e. from the first track to the last track had different feelings and tune. Especially on the last track which he titled “Isi Onwe”, you’ll notice where he did add lip in his native dialect. That part is magical and extraordinary. Yes! The EP enjoyed dynamism to the fullest.
  3. SOLO COLLABORATION: It’s amazing and unique knowing that from first to last track, he only featured Southeast high life music duo “Umu Obiligbo”. I know many may be meeting the name Umu Obiligbo for the first time, but the name Umu Obiligbo is most common to Southeast region of Nigeria. But I’m sure this collaboration has mightily placed them on the map. Umu Obiligbo are currently rave of the moments when it comes to their unique style of high life, and they’re really holding it down big time.
  4. UNIQUENESS: The EP enjoyed uniqueness and upon which, majority of music lovers can flow with it. You know; the whole idea of Flavour cooking up something with Umu Obiligbo was really wonderful at the choice of this EP.
  5. LEGENDARY: AWELE EP has no doubt proven Ijele Nwamama to be a legend in his game. Flavour for me, has no doubt attained the height of been accorded that respect of being addressed as a LEGEND in the music game and entertainment as a business too. Here are some few points; (a) Flavour has stand test of time and remained relevant all season,thereby dishing out acceptable content to the society. (b) Durability: he has been able to manage his fans base very well. You will agree with me that Flavour has been able to dish out good music, maintained his fame and as well managed his scandals too. Many dropped out of the game once one big scandal rocks them or even stayed out of track as a result of not enshrining themselves with the latest trend. So most of his mates in the game have been outdated.

Finally, I wish to state that this just my personal view and opinion about the 5 Unique Contents from Flavour’s “AWELE [THE EP]” I felt I should share with you. May be you have a different view about what I have written, please feel free to use the comment section below.

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