CityHub Abakaliki : Opening Soon

CityHub Abakaliki – Entertainment in Abakaliki is about to witness a serious paradigm shift in her entertainment industry and classical event center that will attract who is who in the Nigerian entertainment industry and beyond.

Before now it is crystal clear that AI city as it is fondly called lacks sizable event center aside from the state Stadium and International conference center which is mainly owned and managed by the state government.

You will as well agree with me that too many standard events from brands like telecommunication companies, Nigerian breweries, state tours from top Nigerian artistes and performers have seriously suffered set back in the state capital unlike what is seen in nearby states like Enugu, Awka in Anambra and others respectively.

Imperatively, research has shown that the reason is lack of proper event center that will meet the standards both in capacity coverage and otherwise.

Recently, a gigantic structure have being pictured at NO 119 Old Enugu road mile50, Abakaliki. Questions have being asked by many relating to what is going on as what people are seeing is beyond what they can explain because this is first of it’s kind in the entire Southeast, and the people are happy that Abakaliki is now on the map.

Abakalik unarguably has the best road network among other state capitals in Southeast zone , courtesy of her wonder working Gov. Umahi.

Lastly, it is no longer a story that CityHub Abakaliki will open soon…

CityHub Abakaliki is housed by DreamSoul Entertainment and will feature the following:

  • GRABBABLES and lots more

The service of course will be compared to none, more details coming soon…

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