GIST: 5 Things You Need To Know About Afikpo Chic & The Evergreen “IGBOIST” Group On Facebook.

Am sure that the name “Afikpo Chic” isn’t new to you!
And on this article, we at has deemed it necessary to highlight some facts we think you should know about IGBOIST group on facebook and “Afikpo Chic (Nwanyi Afikpo)” as she’s fondly called.
Maria Ude Nwachi aka “Afikpo Chic” is one lady you would want to know due to so many factors, It could be as a result of her online presence, her generosity towards the needy,
how social and loving she can be to people around her and even people she barely knows nothing about, or rather the goodies that she shares online each time she surfaces.
It’s no longer a news that “Maria Ude Nwachi” aka “Afikpo Chic”, and also the founder of the prestigious “IGBOIST” group on Facebook, has cultivated the culture of spoiling people with gift items online,
sometimes by organising a simple contest which the general public decides who wins. This has really made the number of IGBOIST group on Facebook grow enormously.
This gift items include(s):
Gifting her friends/followers/IGBOIST members on Facebook with, Smartphones, braided hair(for the female fans), Wrappers for the ladies, etc.

Picture Evidence from her Facebook page

Do you know that “IGBOIST” group on Facebook is the biggest Igbo group on Facebook?
Here are Five(5) things you need to know about IGBOIST group on Facebook:
1. IGBOIST group on Facebook is one of the places where Igbo’s meet themselves and interact better as a group.
2. IGBOIST group on Facebook has testimonies of people getting married from the group.

Afikpo Chic on her Facebook page shared this

3. IGBOIST group on Facebook is one of the biggest group on Facebook, where members are been gifted with items from Afikpo Chic.

4. IGBOIST group on facebook is where you get to find, and know the local names of fruits and some other related items you never knew their local names in your Igbo dialect.
5. IGBOIST group on facebook is place where members receives bank alerts like gbagam!

Afikpo Chic posted this

Here is the link for IGBOIST group on Facebook,

Below are five(5) things you needs to know about “Afikpo Chic”.
1. Afikpo Chic loves dancing.
2. Afikpo Chic was part of “Talk Radio” while she was residing in America, before she came back to Nigeria in the year 2000.
3. Afikpo Chic loves helping the needy, and giving out gift items to people.

Picture speaks

4. Afikpo Chic is the lawmaker representing Afikpo North East constituency, and also the Minority leader in the house.
5. Afikpo Chic loves putting on Wax wrapper with blouse or wax gown.

Afikpo Chic has really created an online platform for herself, she has an online slogan like #BCEL meaning Baddest Chick Ever Lived.

But among all she has encouraged all IGBOIST group members on Facebook to anticipate a better 2018, as they’re going to produce millionaires.

Bravo To A Dogged Lady!

Afikpo Chic made the post on her Facebook page

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