GIST: Gov. Umahi Remarkable Visit To Ebonyi State University (Perm Site).

GIST: Gov. Umahi Remarkable Visit To Ebonyi State University (Perm Site). His excellency Chief engr. David Nweze Umahi (Governor Ebonyi State) on the 28th February 2018 visited Ebonyi State University (Permanent Site). It was on a standing ovation that the students union body, and some other bodies like the “Ekubara Oha Youth Assembly led by Comr. Mark Onu aka Chopper”,  the SA to the governor on students affairs (Comr Gideon Onwe, the TA to the governor on students affairs (Comr. O.O. Daniels), the SUG president (Comr. Egbe Collins) and other top officials, welcomed his excellency with a chanting of songs and praises.

Some other personalities like the Vice Chancellor (Prof. Chigozie Ogbu), secretary to the state  government (Prof. Benjamin Odoh), the commissioner for Land and survey (Hon. Sunday Inyima) and the host of other dignitaries was also present to welcome the arrival of the governor.

  The visit was a result of those villagers and occupants, who occupied and settled inside the school premises, and has refused to relocate, even after series of compensation has been meted to them from the state government in other for them to vacate the school premises. The governor on his arrival asked to why those villagers living inside the school premises has not relocated, prior to the agreement between them and the government to vacate the school premises on or before December 31 2017.

They was a spokes person who aired his view saying: “The problem did not started from “Umahi’s” administration, but it started from “Dr Sam Egwu’s” administration. You can still recall that “Dr Sam Egwu” was the first executive governor of Ebonyi state, and it was during his administration that he created the existence of Ebonyi State University. The spokes person went further to disclose that a certain agreement was reached in other to enable them relocate. And addressing that issue, was the Secretary to the state government “Prof. Ben Odoh” who said that the government has long ago disbursed to the fund, and that the money was brought to the house of “Late Prof. Ozo Nweke Ozo” . And that was where the whole money was been shared among the house-holds in accordance.

On the governor’s speech, and out of his kind gesture, he promised to give the villagers the sum amount of ten million naira to enable them vacate the school premises. In addition, he gave out the sum of Five hundred thousand naira, to enable or assist them get some vehicles so as to move their belongings to their respective destinations.

His excellency chief Engr. David Nweze Umahi, on his speech laid more emphasis on the need for infrastructural development in the school, and the need for them to relocate so as to enable work commence immediately there. Then the governor also made it clear to them that he has gotten court orders to vacate them within the school premises. And after that the governor made a declaration saying:

“As the governor of the state, I hereby declare the demolition of these structures and that work should commence immediately”.

And that was the remarkable event that took place at Ebonyi State University (Permanent Site) yesterday been 28th day of February 2017.

Here are some Picture evidence:

The arrival of the governor

Security men on guard with their van

Arrival of some dignitaries 

From left to right: SUG president Comr. Egbe Collins, SA to gov. on students affairs Comr. Gideon Onwe (on yellow top), TA to the gov. on students affairs Comr. O.O. Daniel.

Spokes person for the villagers

Gov. Umahi with the secretary to the state government Prof. Ben Odoh

Cross section of students waiting for the arrival of the governor

Some students patiently waiting the arrival of the governor

Cross section of students waiting the arrival of the governor

SUG president, SA on students affairs and the TA on students affairs

The governor on his arrival, with the commissioner for Land and survey 

Cross section the villagers, awaiting the governors arrival

Ekubara Oha Youth Assembly

Students waiting the governor’s arrival

CP of Police and his men

Reporting for Sugarmp3 Media is Chukwuemeka.

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