Good News As Ebonyi Past SUG Presidents With The TA To Governor On Students Affairs Gathered For Press Briefing

Good News As Ebonyi Past SUG Presidents With The TA To Governor On Students Affairs Gathered For Press Briefing.

It’s something of joy to know that the real sense cum Aluta spirit is gradually coming to full restoration as, “Association Of Senior Comrades In Ebonyi State” mainly made up of former students’ government president in the state has deemed it necessary and very important to sanitize the students body and restore sense of humor among the students and all the concerned students body across the state.

A press briefing was held yesterday been 15th March 2018 at the office of the TA to the governor on students affairs “Comr. O.O. Daniel“. The press briefing enjoyed massive turn out from past SUG Presidents of Ebonyi state university, and students who also came to witness the event.

The convener of the press briefing Comr. Nwafor A. Joshua, after addressing the house called on Comr. Ogbu John aka Ketty, who read the opening speech also addressed the house respectively and pointed out some major challenges facing students unionism. Which among them he emphasized on the issue of corruption among the students body. He said:

“We support the anti-corruption crusade and would at all times continue to preach against it. We will support the government to kill corruption before corruption kills us”.

Some other comrades in the house like Comr. Ngwu Deborah also hinted on the issues which she felt was also a challenge to students unionism and pointed out the way forward. The TA to the Governor on students affairs “Comr. O.O. Daniel” in his capacity mounted the stage and made tremendous contributions regarding the issues at hand, he also promised to use his portfolio and that of the government and any other relevant body to make sure that students unionism and genuine Aluta spirit is been restored to it’s sense. He also commended governor of the state “Gov. Umahi” for his gesture towards the students and also thanked him for keeping to his promises of reducing school fees, which he did objectively.

After press briefing by the “Forum Of Former Students’ Union Government Presidents” the floor was made open for students to air their view. Which good number of students made their view and opinion known, many applauded the Forum for their wonderful Idea and also applauded the Governor of the state “His Excellency Chief Engr. David Nweze Umahi” for his wonderful and caring works towards the students and across the state too. They also begged that the deadline for school fees payment should be looked into. The forum also passed vote of confidence on the Ebonyi state University Alumni Association.

“The news of the leadership tussle in Ebonyi State University Alumni Association have also greeted us, and it is regrettable that people who have not been in the struggle since the formation stages of this association stomaching the serial disappointments that was hitherto the case, are now the ones fermenting trouble. We are asking that they should give peace a chance. The forum shall work in conjunction with the school management with Dr Kenneth Ereke led executives who so far have constitutionally positioned the association, procured a secretariat, in conjunction with corporate registration and national integration to bring everyone to the table and find a common ground for all of us to coexist.

In attendance was: Comr. Nwafor Joshua, the TA to the governor Comr. O.O. Daniel, Comr. Ngwu Deborah, Comr. Ogbu John(Ketty), Comr. Henry Igboji, the faculty president of Health science and technology/coordinator faculty presidents forum Comr. Ogoh Sunday Clergyman, the faculty president of Law Comr. Edene Joshua Udoka, and many others.

Here are some pictorials:

TA to the Governor on students affairs Comr. O.O Daniel making his speech

The Convener Comr. Nwafor Joshua

Comr. Ogbu John

Comr. Ngwu Deborah making her speech

Comr. Henry Igboji on his speech

Ogbu Emmanuel on his commendations

Obini Martins on his commendations

Group Pictures of the Forum

TA to Governor on students affairs Comr. O.O Daniel with Comr. Ngwu Deborah

Comr. Nze with Comr. Deborah

Comr. Edene Joshua Udoka on his commendations

Comr. Ogoh Sunday Clergyman on his commendations

Cross section of students

Comr. O. O Daniel with Comr. Ogbu John

Ginika on her commendations

Students Unionism is the rise!

Ebonyi state university is on the rise!!

Freedom comet by struggle!!!

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