Introducing: Uncle Ken Delicacies

Introducing: Uncle Ken Delicacies

Uncle Ken Delicacies are the catering service with the finest, and fastest home/campus delivery service in Abakaliki. Our products/services ranges from our African and Nigerian continental dishes, to our inter-continental cuisine along side a variety of snacks, small chops and fresh fruit drinks. We also offer ice cold beverages.

Our Services Are:


  1. Afang soup

  2. Nsala +Chicken + Fresh Fish

  3. Edikan-ikong soup

  4. Onugbu soup

  5. Ogbono soup

  6. Okro soup

  7. Pepper soup

  8. Egusi soup

  9. Oha soup

  10. Nkwobi

  11. Ukwa

  12. Unripe plantain

  13. Abacha

  14. Isiewu


  1. Chicken sauce

  2. Salad

  3. Indomie

  4. Jollof rice

  5. Rice & stew

   Our clients are usually young professionals and students who order our food as packed meals for lunch or dinner. We also uses other means like subscription, when a client or customer subscribs to our monthly or weekly plans.

For Inquiries Call:

08128331673 or 09051879597

Please always visit our platform for more details about Uncle Ken Delicacies.




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