Meet Amb. Soul2Soul

Meet Amb. Soul2Soul
It’s my pleasure introducing Mr. Uzoma Ani popularly knwon as Amb. Soul2Soul, he’s an indigence of Onicha-Igboeze in Onicha Local government area of Ebonyi State. Amb. Soul2Soul is a young, vibrant and energetic young fellow who’s known for his charismatic gesture towards the youths, his people and of course people around him. Amb. Soul2Soul is a business mogul and a philanthropist who is dedicated to alms giving and engaged in other humanitarian services. Ever since the not too young to run bill was signed, he has been seen around most influential figures in his state.

   Rumours has it that Amb. Soul2Soul is set to join the business and game of politics too. We’ll keep you updated with activities of Amb. Soul2Soul, please stay connected.

You can connect with Amb. Soul2Soul on his official facebook page HERE

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